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Stop Wage Garnishment

If you stop paying your creditors, they can file a lawsuit in court to seek a judgement order against you, which could result in a wage garnishment. This is a legal process in which a creditor demands that a third party, such as your employer or bank to turn over a portion of your earnings or bank account cash to the creditor.

Commercial debts, such as bank loans and credit cards, can only garnish up to 20% of your salary in Ontario. If you owe the Family Responsibility Office money, they can garnish up to 50% of your salary, and you might not be able to stop them.

Filing a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is an efficient way to stop your wages from being garnished. Any garnishment order will be stopped immediately regardless of where it is in the judicial process.

Our Experts at Lazard and Associates will look into all options you are eligible for before recommending your best course of action.  Contact us today !

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It can be quite difficult to trust someone with your finances, but when it comes to personal bankruptcy, there’s no one you can trust more than Lazard & Associates. We help you reestablish your credit, pay of your debt and avoid bankruptcy through consumer proposals.

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Very Professional, Very Understanding and Above All Very Kind Hearted Team! First time I went there I felt like a complete Loser to say the least!!! After discussing in details with Happy-go-Lucky Louise I felt 90% of my anxiety immediately gone! No word of a lie I smiled and laughed all the way home!!”

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I found Lazard and Associates to be professional and caring. After getting myself into some serious trouble, I am back on track with their help. Avoiding Bankruptcy and doing a proposal has been very helpful in reestablishing my credit quickly. I have recommended them to friends and family and happy to see that it isn't a cookie cutter approach. They take the time to do what's best for the client.”

– Satisfied Client