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Debt management is a strategy that uses budgeting and financial planning to help you get control of your debt. A debt management plan’s objective is to employ these techniques to assist you in reducing your present debt and working toward debt elimination.

A debt management can be made by yourself or with the assistance of a credit counsellor at Lazard and associates. While the simplest course of action is to create a strategy on your own but having a partner outside of yourself to provide assistance or accountability can be beneficial. At Lazard and associates, our credit counsellors set you up with a budget and teaches you money management skills while creating a plan to assist you get rid of your debts.

Lazard & Associates Inc

Debt Management With a Credit Counsellor

Debt management is not a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, it consists of a variety of decisions you might make to help you pay off your existing bills. Having a lot of debt, whether “good debt” like a mortgage or student loans or other debts like credit card debt, can affect your credit ratings depending on how well you handle the debt.

A credit counsellor will assist you in developing a strategy for paying off your debts and, if necessary, can negotiate a debt management plan (DMP) with your creditors. In order to help you pay off your debt more quickly, it often lasts three to five years and contains concessions such a lower interest rate, a smaller monthly payment, or fee waivers. The creditor may close your accounts after each obligation is paid off, depending on your circumstances, in order to prevent accruing any additional debt.

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It can be quite difficult to trust someone with your finances, but when it comes to personal bankruptcy, there’s no one you can trust more than Lazard & Associates. We help you reestablish your credit, pay of your debt and avoid bankruptcy through consumer proposals.

Lazard & Associates Inc

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Very Professional, Very Understanding and Above All Very Kind Hearted Team! First time I went there I felt like a complete Loser to say the least!!! After discussing in details with Happy-go-Lucky Louise I felt 90% of my anxiety immediately gone! No word of a lie I smiled and laughed all the way home!!”

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I found Lazard and Associates to be professional and caring. After getting myself into some serious trouble, I am back on track with their help. Avoiding Bankruptcy and doing a proposal has been very helpful in reestablishing my credit quickly. I have recommended them to friends and family and happy to see that it isn't a cookie cutter approach. They take the time to do what's best for the client.”

– Satisfied Client