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What Is
Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is when a person takes out a new loan to pay off a number of smaller loans, debts, or expenses for which they are currently responsible. This basically combines all of these loans into a single loan with a single monthly payment. This is referred to as “consolidating” debts since it involves bringing various loans together and integrating them into one loan.

To combine or consolidate debts, you’ll need to take out a new, larger loan and utilise the proceeds to pay off all of your lesser loans. Smaller loans, credit card balances, overdraft balances, bills, and even payday loans can be paid off with debt consolidation loans. Banks, credit unions, and financial companies offer debt consolidation loans. Interest rates on debt consolidation loans are largely decided by two factors: your credit score and the collateral you can supply as security.

Our Licensed Insolvency trustees at Lazard and associates will evaluate your circumstances and let you know if debt consolidation is the right fit for you.

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How Can Debt
Consolidation Help?

You may have sought in all the wrong places for the best debt relief solutions to help you get out of your ever-increasing debt. Before making a final decision, you should allow counselling professionals at Lazard and Associates to provide you with the best guidance possible. We’ll evaluate your circumstances and recommend the best course of action.

Here is what debt consolidation will do for you:

It simplifies your finances. Instead of having many debt payments to keep track of and pay on time every month, you now have only one.

It can save you money by reducing the interest rate and pay off debt faster. It does this by paying off high interest debt with a lower interest rate debt consolidation loan. However, this only works if you obtain a lower interest rate and keep your current monthly debt payment pretty much the same.

There are multiple debt relief options available  in Canada, our experts at Lazard and associates will walk you through your options on your path to regaining your financial freedom.

Debt Consolidation FAQs

The term debt consolidation refers to the act of taking out a new loan that will pay off other existing debts a person may have. Essentially, all the existing debt will be consolidated into a single loan/debt amount.

Having debts from various different sources can not only be an accounting nightmare but also negatively affect your mental & physical health. Consolidated debt allows you to transfer over from multiple sources of debt to only one. Additionally, debt consolidation can also potentially end up saving you money as you could be able to pay off high interest debts with consolidated debt that has a lower interest rate.

If the process of obtaining a loan is done swiftly, debt consolidation should not affect your credit rating as long as you are making regular payments to your consolidated debt. If you are missing payments or making late payments, credit rating could be affected.

Lazard & Associates have over 20 years of experience helping people solve their financial struggles. All our associates are licensed, have extensive experience and are trusted members of the community. 

We advise you to contact us so we can help alleviate your stress by suggesting the best decisioning for debt relief.

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It can be quite difficult to trust someone with your finances, but when it comes to personal bankruptcy, there’s no one you can trust more than Lazard & Associates. We help you reestablish your credit, pay of your debt and avoid bankruptcy through consumer proposals.

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Very Professional, Very Understanding and Above All Very Kind Hearted Team! First time I went there I felt like a complete Loser to say the least!!! After discussing in details with Happy-go-Lucky Louise I felt 90% of my anxiety immediately gone! No word of a lie I smiled and laughed all the way home!!”

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I found Lazard and Associates to be professional and caring. After getting myself into some serious trouble, I am back on track with their help. Avoiding Bankruptcy and doing a proposal has been very helpful in reestablishing my credit quickly. I have recommended them to friends and family and happy to see that it isn't a cookie cutter approach. They take the time to do what's best for the client.”

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